Inuyasha Review Ep. 13-16

For these episodes we find that Inuyasha turns into a human on the night of the full moon. Kagome finds out that human Inuyasha is way nicer than demon Inuyasha when he says that she smells good. They do defeat the spider demon and Inuyasha reverts back to his demon form.

Next we see that Kikyo’s ashes are stolen from her grave. This has Inuyasha on edge with what happened with them before. Kagome confronts him about it him not being able to see eye to eye with her but he does which catches Kagome off guard. She wonders what is wrong with her when he did that. It seems Kagome is developing feelings for Inuyasha. ¬†She is kidnapped by the witch and Inuyasha goes to rescue her. This ties to the next episode where Kikyo is revived and Inuyasha finds out what happened that day he got sealed to the tree.

As for ep. 16, they meet Miroku and Kagome is groped by him when he gets acts like he got hurt falling off Kagome’s bike. They know he is a perverted monk and don’t believe the story of his hand being cursed. We have another character added to the group.



Inuyasha Review Ep. 10-12

In episode 10 Inuyasha concludes his battle with Hiten, one of the thunder brothers. Hiten is angry that his brother is killed by Kagome. It shows that Inuyasha cares for Kagome when he thinks that Kagome and Shippo died. He learns that they did not and they’re just protected by the blue light surrounding them. He feels embarrassed when he reaches out for Kagome and tries to play it off in the end.

As for the other two episodes, I felt like they were fillers since both took place in modern Japan. With Kagome having the jewels on her in the modern world, demons are awakened from the antiques that her grandpa has. One is a mask who takes the souls of others and the other is taking the souls of children. Inuyasha and Kagome are able to save her world from the demons in these two episodes.

Avatar: The Last Airbender Review Series

Review 1: episodes 1-3

For my rewatch, I will be reviewing the show a few episodes at a time. I watched Avatar when I was a kid and I remember absolutely loving it, so I decided a rewatch was past due. I also wanted to see if the show truly lived up to my expectations. It’s also in the top fifteen TV shows on IMBD, sorted by user rating, so that just made my expectations rise higher.

I started at the beginning, despite knowing a lot about these episodes. The first episode sets up the story well–Sokka and Katara are typical siblings, who argue and fight, but love each other nonetheless. Zuko is an angsty teen trying to prove himself, but he clearly loves and respects his Uncle Iroh (who is one of the best characters). Aang is a silly kid who doesn’t know what to do with his power. They are all presented well and develop along the way, even in the first few episodes.

I decided episodes 1-3 were the best grouping of episodes, as our favorite characters embark on their journey by the third episode.

Inuyasha Review Ep 7-9

The episode continues with Sesshomaru battling Inuyasha for their father’s sword, Tessaiga. Kagome had pulled the sword and Sesshomaru was not happy about that. He transforms into his dog form and goes after Kagome. Inuyasha rushes in to defend her from Sesshomaru. As he gets to retrieve the sword from her, he tries to figure out how to wield it. Myoga makes an appearance in the previous episode and tells Kagome what is going on. Inuyasha is able to transform the sword as he sees that Kagome is in danger. As he protects her from Sesshomaru, he cuts his leg. Sesshomaru being hurt, he flees from their father’s grave and vows to get the sword from him the next time he sees him.

In episode 8, the duo encounter a villager who needs help with recovering a girl that he likes. He tells them that she is in danger and was taken by a toad demon. They go out of their way to help him rescue the girl from the toad demon. As they encounter the toad demon, Kagome notices he has a piece of the jewel in his shoulder. Inuyasha battles him and is able to retrieve the jewel. The toad demon was not a demon but had turned into one. He was able to turn back into a human and the girl was glad to have him back. The villager that knew her was wrong that she was kidnapped. The duo continues on their journey to collect more shards.

In ep. 9 the duo encounters Shippo and find out he was attacked by the thunder bros. He tries to find them to avenge his parents. The duo help him but Kagome is kidnapped by them. Inuyasha and Shippo are stuck together in rescuing Kagome from the Thunder bros. Haiten begins to battle with Inuyasha.